Autographed Copies of The Complete Beer Course on Sale

So you’re sitting around coming down from the shopping high that is Cyber Monday and wanting one last fix, right? Yeah, that’s right, I know you are. So, what you should do is get yourself a signed copy of Josh Bernstein’s The Complete Beer Course.

The Complete Beer Course
The Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein.
Photo credit: Christopher J. Scott

Why? As Josh puts it:

[…] a portion of every sale is earmarked for diapers for my daughter. She has an insatiable Huggies demand.

If that’s not enough (and it should be because what are you, some sort of monster that doesn’t like cute babies?) it is a great way to learn about beer, regardless of your level of knowledge. Don’t know the first thing about craft beer? You’ll learn so much that your friends will consider you the beer geek/douche in no time. Can’t remember the difference between a gose and a gueuze? You’ll be reminded and probably even learn something you didn’t know. Sounds like a win to me.

Disclaimer: Josh is not only a fine author but a fine friend.


One thought on “Autographed Copies of The Complete Beer Course on Sale

  1. Thanks for posting this book. I work in a micro-brewing and I can always gain some more knowledge to talk a good talk with the beer geeks.

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