The Constant (Beer) Gardener

With the weather here in NYC showing spring-like tendencies after a winter that was the polar (sorry) opposite of last year’s, it is time to talk beer gardens. Chris at Brew York New York takes our online local media to task for their broad–possibly misinformed, probably click-baiting–definition of a beer garden.

Since I’ve only lived here for a bit over a year, I’m still inclined to think this isn’t a problem unique to New York City. Is this overarching definition a symptom of any city which could be termed a concrete jungle? Or is it playing to perceptions instead of reality? Just a cheap way to get article views? Something else completely?


One thought on “The Constant (Beer) Gardener

  1. Well, I reckon the term ‘Beer Garden’ sounds a little more nicer than for example, referring to it as a ‘beer yard’! Enter forth the garden of beer and drink from our fountain! lol Its all about enticing customers to your business.

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