Newcastle DraughtKeg

I was recently sent a Newcastle DraughtKeg to review so I brought it to a party to share and see what others thought of it.

The keg holds 5 liters (10 pints) of Newcastle and includes it’s own tiny tap system that keeps it fresh for up to 30 days in your fridge or Krups BeerTender. The suggested retail price is $22.99. The tap system is easy to configure and worked great for pouring pints without any mess or excess head.

The feedback from others was positive. Most everyone I talked to liked the idea of having a mini keg of beer and thought it was a great party idea. The only complaint I heard was that it was filled with Newcastle. Hey, you can’t please everyone…

If Newcastle is your thing, you are having a party, or just like miniature kegs, I’d definitely suggest picking one of these up.


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