Your Favorite Beer This Year?

Yeah, I know. There’s twenty-something days left in the year and things could change, but before everyone gets wrapped up in the holiday spirit/chaos take a minute and think: what was your favorite beer this year? Bonus points for why.

Mine: Cigar City Final Push (Ratebeer / BA). As to why, there’s a couple reasons. Since the first couple sips I knew this would be one of my top beers. By the end of the glass it had made it to the top of the list. Also, I had the pleasure of sharing this with friends at a good friend’s bachelor party at my local (and highly rated) beer bar, Redlight Redlight.

Leave yours in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Your Favorite Beer This Year?

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  2. I would have to say Fullers London Porter, one because I love it’s flavor, two, because on several memorable occasions in 2010 it was my beer of choice.
    While attending a wedding in Key West my wife and I stumbled on a pub called “Finnegan’s Wake” where I enjoyed a London Porter priro to a short sail around the bay with the wedding party.
    London Porter came up again when I ordered a pint at a local English Pub known as “Penny Lane” which serves it on tap, I had a few prior to a Dashboard Confessional concert that was a great experience.

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