Beer Savers Save Your Beer

Beer Savers Ever want to save an open beer for the next day? While some may scoff at this proposition I’ve found that when dealing with good craft beer in bombers or high ABV beers there are times where half a beer is enough and a full one is too much. If you fall in this boat, lucky for you there’s Beer Savers.

They sent me a six pack of these handy silicone bottle caps to review so to give them a real world test, I bought a six pack of Brooklyn Lager. I opened one an noon on Sunday, put a Beer Saver on it and put it back in the fridge with it’s friends. Come Monday night, I opened both and poured them side-by-side to see if there was any noticeable difference in head. Here’s what it looked like:

There was no noticeable CO2 pop when I opened the one with the Beer Saver, but they poured about the same. I think there was a bit less head due to my poor left-handed pouring technique. Oddly, I don’t practice pouring two beers at the same angle at the same time too often.

The real proof was in the drinking. I couldn’t tell a difference one way or the other between carbonation level between the two. I think an opened beer that was capped right away with a Beer Saver and put in the fridge would do equally as well. I wasn’t sure how these would work but I was happily surprised. Now, I can save that half beer instead of throwing it out or drinking too much.

You can buy a six or twelve pack at the Saver Brands online store.


5 thoughts on “Beer Savers Save Your Beer

  1. Sounds pretty awesome but I’m curious how well it would work with a half empty 22oz bottle. With the empty space in the bottle there is more room for CO2 to escape.

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