Dundee Virtual Beer Tasting

Last Thursday I participated in a “virtual beer tasting” put on by Dundee Brewing (@dundeebeer). Dundee sent out six pack with two each of the three beers for the tasting to the participants and Dundee’s brewer Jim McDermott walked us through tasting the Summer Wheat, Kölsch-Style Ale, and Stout via online video chat (kinda like Chatroulette but with more beer and less dongs).

Summer Wheat

Dundee Summer Wheat This is an American wheat brewed with a bit of rye (40% wheat, 5% rye) and Chinook, Centennial, and Cascade hops. It uses an ale yeast and is unfiltered so it pours nice and cloudy. 4.5% ABV and 18 IBUs. This one surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to like it since I usually like stronger beers but it had a nice hop finish to it which made it more interesting. Great beach/pool/cookout beer.

Kölsch-Style Ale

Dundee Kölsch-Style Ale Brewed with 5% wheat and Mt. Hood, Hallertau, and Galena hops this one comes in at 5.68% ABV and 10.5 IBUs. This was another good beer and one I’d buy for a cookout any time. Dundee suggested using this one to boil brats. I’m assuming they meant putting the beer in the boil but drinking it while boiling seems like a great pairing as well. This is available in the new Craft Pack along with the Stout, IPA, and Pale Bock Lager.


Dundee Stout A bit on the sweet on the sweet/dry continuum, this stout is brewed with chocolate, coffee, caramel and four other yummy malts. 5.8% ABV and 15 IBUs. Yum. Yum. Yum! This was a really solid stout that I’ll be seeking out. This is available in the new Craft Pack along with the Kölsch-Style Ale, IPA, and Pale Bock Lager.


Thanks to Dundee and Pete for sending me a sixer and letting me particpate in this. The format was interesting and it was good to hear what the brewer had to say as well as get feedback from the other bloggers, writers and other in the tasting. It is good to see Dundee brewing good beers and this definitely makes me think of them not just as the ones that make the Honey Brown. That’s a good thing.

Links to other write-ups on this tasting:


4 thoughts on “Dundee Virtual Beer Tasting

  1. Awesome! Dundee is one of my favorite brands from back in Rochester, and I am always glad to see if in far away places like San Jose and Chicago (usually there excellent honeybrown). Wish I had known about this online tasting thing, its sounds way cool! Maybe next time.

  2. Thanks so much for the great post Chris, it was a lot of fun! We’re really glad you could join us. Newb, if you want to share your contact info with me at pborrelli@mower.com, we’ll make sure you get an invite to the next one. Thanks again. Cheers!

  3. Man that brand is so damn hard to find around here in Dallas, Tx :(. They make some really good brews too. Not a fan of everything they make, but they have some select ones that are REALLY good.

    Reading through your thoughts on the Dundee Kolsch Style Ale got me thinking though. Have you ever tried Kasteel Bier?

    It’s over looked far too often and is a nice, very rich and strong Belgian ale. With just a bit of a difference than what most are used to.

    Let me know you’ve tried it or not. I could send you a bottle to review 🙂

    Damn That’s Good Beer!


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