War is Hell

I have been following the “Beer Wars” movie and associated PR news in the beerblogohopsosphere over the past couple weeks and really wanted to write someting. Not something about the movie since I didn’t see it, but something about what it brought out. I never could quite get my thoughts into even a semi-coherent form.

So, I’ll just let Jay Brookston take it from here. Not only does he sum up much of what I’ve been thinking over the past few weeks, but he is a much better writer than I. The latter should not be news to anyone but my mom: she thinks I’m special and would have chuckled at the “brewhaha” reference that I refrained from using.


2 thoughts on “War is Hell

  1. Sorry to be off topic, but I can’t leave a comment for your prior post. Are the Dogfish calories for 12 oz. or for one serving (some of them come in larger bottles).


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