Calories in Dogfish Head Beers

Dogfish Head has said the FDA is making them take the calorie counts off their web site. Since I actually refer to this info quite often, I’m putting it here for my reference. These were taken on 3/25/09. If you have any additions/corrections, please let me know in the comments.

  • 60 Minute IPA: 209
  • 90 Minute IPA: 294
  • Midas Touch: 307
  • Shelter Pale Ale: 168
  • 120 Minute IPA: 450
  • Black and Blue: 290
  • Burton Baton: 320
  • Fort: 415
  • Red and White: 310
  • World Wide Stout: 372
  • Aprihop: 240
  • Chicory Stout: 185
  • Festian Peche: 160
  • Punkin Ale: 230

12 thoughts on “Calories in Dogfish Head Beers

  1. Wow! I would think they would want this type of information on something people were going to consume…

    On a side note, a lot of these are lower than I thought they would be.

    1. It’s important to remember that these are for 12 fl oz servings. A 750 ml bottle is 25.9 fl oz. A bottle of Red and White, for example, is 656 calories, not 310.

  2. Lower!?!? I was stunned by some of the calorie levels I have recently learned about. Many big beers in big bombers are like drinking a great big bracing mug of icing at the end of each day.

  3. What the TTB is requiring is the same requirement they mandated after light beers came out in 1970s.

    You can’t display calories without also displaying carbohydrates, portein, sodium, fat.

    Look on your typical light beer label. What’s on that is what has been required for DECADES omn labels and ad info when you try to sneak in and simply display calories.

    Sorry, but the brewers didn’t do their homework. This requirement is decades old.

  4. Not really like eating a mug of icing; there is more to nutritional value than just calories. Icing probably has a much higher fat percentage. But knowing this information is valuable. When I was ignorant I would share a few of these with friends guilt free.. now I’m going to have to consider this. Thanks…

  5. As I sit here drinking My Raison D’Etre which is a great value at $3.00 and knowing that the calories are a lot lower than World Wide Stout and 120 which cost 3 times as much here in Pennsylvania.

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