Proposition 3-17: Make St. Patrick's Day a US Holiday

The fine folks at Guinness (standard disclaimers about fine folks apply) are promoting the Proposition 3-17 movement to get SPD made into a national holiday in the US. Check out the site for details and sign the petition. You can add their Facebook page to your profile and get credit for anyone that signs the petition from your page. What’s that good for? Well, your name will scroll across the marquis on the Prop 3-17 site. Don’t be greedy, this is about a holiday about beer (not really) so raise a pint and sign the petition!

If you need SPD paraphenalia, check out KegWorks. I’m eyeing the shot glasses made of dark chocolate.

In related news, I’m promoting the movement to use SPD in place of St. Patrick’s Day to save on letters and punctuation in these tough economic times.


2 thoughts on “Proposition 3-17: Make St. Patrick's Day a US Holiday

  1. I may be misunderstanding the value of that parenthetical statement; but are you serious?? What the hell does St Patrick’s day have to do with appreciating good beer?

    In the US, “St Paddy’s” day has largely become a poor facsimile of the cheap Carnival knock-offs that allow peddlers of watery lager and plastic beads to contribute to a “Girls Gone Wild”, frat-rat culture of absurd overconsumption. The “fine folks” at Guinness haven’t had any compunction against this trend. Pimping this garbage is below you.

    Have some self respect.

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