My 2008 Predictions Come True

On the first day of 2008 I posted a short list of predictions for this year. How’d I do? Here’s the rundown…

Craft Beer Sales Will Increase: While the year-end numbers aren’t out yet, at the midway point craft beer sales had increased by 11%. I’m confident that when the numbers come out for all of 2008 that we will see something very close to that.

The Drinking Age in the US Will Not Change: Nope, it didn’t.

2008 Will Be the Year of Consolidation: A-B and InBev, Magic Hat and Pyramid, and a few other smaller breweries all tied the knot.

Big Brewers Will Get Better at Creating “Craft” Beers: Bud American Ale is the notable standout here.

I Will Continue to Post Erratically: Self-fulfilling prophecy? Check.

Stay tuned for my first post of 2009 where I make more safe predictions and tout my lack of knowledge. Until then, happy holidays!


3 thoughts on “My 2008 Predictions Come True

  1. RE: Big breweries creating “craft” brews – yah – Blue Moon by Coors is the biggest one on my list. Can’t believe how many people don’t realize their feeding a giant with Blue Moon purchases….

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