Rate Your Beer Using Twitter With Beerdo!

Beerdo! is a new (at least to me) site to allow you to rate your beer using Twitter. That means you can use any Twitter client or SMS to send ratings.

Rating is easy since all you do is @ message beerdo with the name of the beer followed by exclamation points for how many points to give it (from 1 – 5). For example to rate Bud Light Chelada with one star (unfortunately, they don’t have negative ratings) you’d send: @beerdo Bud Light Chelada !

You can see what people are rating at the Beerdo! site or on Twitter. Due to the volume of tweets, I wouldn’t follow them on Twitter but just check out their page.

It would be cool to be able to go to the Beerdo! site and see things like ratings for a beer, highest/lowest rated beers and what’s hot.


One thought on “Rate Your Beer Using Twitter With Beerdo!

  1. Hey there — Kyle Bunch here…I whipped Beerdo up last week — thanks for the kind words.

    I want to stress, what’s live now is a very early alpha release with much more in the works. I did a quick post on my blog about it, in which I listed out the features I am hoping to work in there:


    Please keep the feedback coming — really pleased to see that members of the good beer loving community have given it a chance. Can’t wait to share future updates (not to mention more delicious beers) with you all.

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