Review: Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

A few weeks ago, Flying Dog sent me a bottle of their Dogtoberfest Fall seasonal. I’m a bit late on reviewing this since I had to wait for most of the cold that had invaded my body to leave so that I could actually taste what I was drinking.

According to Flying Dog (and I have no reason to doubt them), Dogtoberfest is a “traditional-style Marzen, brewed with 100% imported German ingredients”. This is a lager that uses Light and Dark Munich and Vienna malts and is hopped with German Perle and Hersbrucker hops. ABV is 5.3% and IBUs are 30.

From the first sip to the last, this was a really good beer. It isn’t as malty as some marzens like the Brooklyn Brewing Oktoberfest I had a few days ago, but it has a great flavor and is very drinkable. This is a good beer for tailgating, grilling out, or just chilling out. I’ll definitely be buying this one throughout the rest of the much-too-short Octoberfest beer season.


2 thoughts on “Review: Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

  1. I really liked this Oktoberfest. Marzens are my favorite style. Of the many I had this year, I would have to put Dogtoberfest in the top two. It was a little difficult to find and I have yet to find anymore. I would have stocked up for the winter.

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