Beer Themed Halloween Costumes

At the suggestion of a friend, I bring you some beer-themed Halloween costumes. These are all from Buy Halloween Costumes. I don’t get anything if you buy through them but I have used them in the past and their costumes are pretty good and they have a huge selection.

Captain 6 Pack:

I like this one since it is easy to do and you have an easy way to carry your beer with you. This would be even better to do if you are grossly overweight and the shirt looks more like a half shirt.

The Refreshinator:

This is Captain 6 Pack’s busty sidekick. Need I say more? Didn’t think so. This one would not be funny if you are grossly overweight. Well, actually…yeah, it would be funny.

Beer Pong Table:

Depending on the crowd at your Halloween party, wearing this will either make you the life of the party or the biggest douchebag there–even bigger than the guy dressed as an actual douchebag.

Beer Keg (Plus Size):

This one is for you husky kids. One-liners to use while wearing this one: “Pump my head”, “Free kegstands”, “I’m a half barrel of pure sex”, “Can I fill you up?”.

Beer Googles:

Are you lame and don’t want to commit to a costume? Try this great take on a classic joke that never gets old. NOTE: wearing these while driving is a bad idea.

Beer Garden Girl:

Prost! A word of warning for the ladies: wearing this to a party or bar will ensure at least one drunk guy will mistake you for a medieval servant and drunkenly exclaiming “Wench! Get me my beer!”. Right before puking on your shoes.


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