iPint iPhone/iPod Touch Game

UPDATE 7/30/08: As Steve notes in the comments, iPint doesn’t show up in the iTunes store any more. Not sure why this is.

So, the iTunes App Store went live today and so did the 2.0 iPhone firmware (well, kinda…). Perusing the store, I saw a free app from Carling called iPint (iTunes link). The game involves sliding a pint down the bar and avoiding obstacles to get it into your friend’s waiting hands. The game uses the iPhone’s motion sensor to let you guide the pint.

iPint iPhone/iPod Touch Game

When you get the pint in your friend’s hands, you are rewarded with a pint you can “drink” by tilting the phone.

iPint iPhone/iPod Touch Game

The game is nicely done and pretty fun but I wish they would have gone a little less heavy on the branding. Do you really need to see multiple Carling logos every second you play?


9 thoughts on “iPint iPhone/iPod Touch Game

  1. In answer to your question, I would have to answer that “Yes”, the game does require frequent branding. It was made with the intention to advertise Carling alone. The world has become such that we are constantly surrounded by branding, so why shouldn’t we use this for the brands we actually want to advertise.

  2. I understand the need for branding it. I was questioning the frequency the Carling logo shows up. Maybe some variation in how/where they show the logo would make it more interesting.

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