Flying Dog "Mixed Pack" Coming This Summer

Putting on my beer blogging (as opposed to my beer drinking) hat for a minute, Flying Dog is one of my favorite breweries. They make my job easy by sending samples which include the details that people are interested in and they also have plenty of info. on their blog that I can crib from. Also, saying “Flying Dog blog” is fun–not as fun as “The Bob Loblaw Law Blog”, but I digress…

The latest package that the man in brown dropped off from Flying Dog contained their “Mixed Pack”. This is a four-pack: Kerberos Tripel, Gonzo Imperial Porter, Double Dog Pale Ale, and Horn Dog Barley Wine. These are all pretty strong beers–both in flavor and alcohol content–so a four pack is a good size. I like that there are four different beers so you get to try each one without committing to drinking four or six. According to their press kit, these should be on shelves this Summer.

Flying Dog Canis Major Mixed Pack

There were a couple other beers in the box, but I’ll save those for another post.


4 thoughts on “Flying Dog "Mixed Pack" Coming This Summer

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  2. Hey Chris, this sounds like a pretty darn good deal to me. It would be cool if more micro/craft beer breweries offered these types of brew packaging. The only thing that’d be better is maybe an 8-pack for 2 of each style in case you latch on to one you really like right away, you’d have a second right there ready to go!

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