211,489,982 Barrels of Beer on the Wall

And now you have that annoying tune in your head too. But for a good reason: craft beer continues to kick ass and take names. I know this because the Brewers Association has released their 2007 Craft Beer Industry Statistics.

Some highlights:

  • Growth of the craft beer industry was 12% by volume for the first half of 2007.
  • The craft beer industry eclipsed 8 million barrels of craft beer produced
    in the U.S. in 2007.
  • The microbrewery segment grew 21% in 2007, showing great interest in local brewers.
  • Craft beer sales share is 3.8% by volume and 5.9% by dollars.
  • Total U.S. Craft Beer Industry Annual Dollar Volume: $5.7 billion.

Clicky the linky for more details and some hot 3D exploding pie chart action.

Also, if it takes on average ten seconds to “take one down” signing the song, you’d need about 67 years to get to zero. And that’s for barrels…


2 thoughts on “211,489,982 Barrels of Beer on the Wall

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