Where to Go for Good Beer in Park City, UT?

Since my lazyweb request worked so well for KC, I figured I’d give it a shot for my trip to Park City tomorrow. So, where should I go for a good beer or five? I’ll be staying in Park City and will definitely hit Wasatch and I’ll be in SLC for a bit tomorrow with a rental car and possibly some free time on Sunday, so where should I go? 


6 thoughts on “Where to Go for Good Beer in Park City, UT?

  1. utah isn’t a drinking friendly state. i had a hell of a time finding anything decent when i went a couple years back… best of luck to you though.

  2. While in Park City there are two other options. Squatters and Redrock. Their main brewpubs are located in SLC. The best selection for beers all around can be found at the Bayou in downtown SLC. Other brewpubs in the area are Bohemian, Hoppers Desert Edge, Uinta Brewing and Roosters. Happy hunting!

  3. Wasatch in Park City.

    In SLC, try Squatters, Red Rock and Hoppers. For great bottled beer, try the Bayou

    The brew-pubs are all serving 3.2 beer, but some of it is very good beer. The bars and restaurants serve other beers as well.

    Good luck!


  4. @Don: We went to Wasatch on Fri. night and hit Red Rock last night. Good beers at both. I wasn’t so much worried about the alcohol content but the taste and I agree w/you.

    I was happy to find some good beers (and one that I picked up was 9%) at the state wine and liquor store.

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