Where to Go for Good Beer in Kansas City?

I’m off tomorrow to Kansas City and I’m looking for suggestions for good beer spots. We’re staying in Parkville so I’ll definitely be hitting the Power Plant. Those of you familiar with or from that area: what do you suggest?


9 thoughts on “Where to Go for Good Beer in Kansas City?

  1. You coming to KC?! Sweet. Power Plant is lovely. 75th St Brewery on the south side of KC is good. A place called Grinder’s downtown serves great pizza and has a great brew list, all in a funky, artsy, gritty kind of place.

    There are quite a few beer bloggers in KC, and one from Austin on his way up tomorrow. Here’s the blog links, if you want to visit them.

    ME! 🙂

    Lee in Austin

    Have a great trip!

  2. grinders – 18th and McGee
    harry’s country club – on missouri ave (just north of I-70 downtown) between grand and walnut
    75th street brewery usually has some good stuff – 75th just west of wornall
    free state in lawrence – if you have an afternoon to drive out there, it’s worth the trip

  3. Chris: My in-laws live in Weatherby Lake, right next to Parkville. We’ll be getting there tomorrow as well. You might also go over to Zona Rosa and try Granite City or the Irish bar there, the name of which I can’t remember at the moment. Send me an e-mail via my blog – maybe we can meet up at the Power Plant or something. I’m already trying to arrange a meeting with beer sort of blog girl, but she’s hell and gone down in south KC.

  4. @Lee: I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow when I figure out what we’re doing. I’d love to meet up at the Power Plant. We’re going to St. Joe on Sat. but we’ll be back Sun. and there through Wed.

  5. Personally, I’ve always thought the Power Plant’s beer is mediocre, but the last time I was there this summer they had a very good IPA, so maybe they’re getting better. Perhaps they’ll have some sort of tasty holiday beer.

  6. @Lee: you’re the 2nd person to tell me that about the Power Plant. I picked up some Boulevard Bully! Porter and a bottle of their Sixth Glass Quadrepel Ale so I’ll be having some of those tonight.

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