Beer Review: Three Dog Night

Yeah, the title is lame but when Flying Dog sent three beers that my wife and I tasted that night…well, I just couldn’t resist. Here was the pack that arrived at my doorstep: Wild Dog Doppelbock, Wild Dog Barrel-Aged Horn Dog, and K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale.

First Up: Wild Dog Doppelbock

The Collaborator Doppelbock is the result of Flying Dog’s Open Source Beer Project. According to Flying Dog, this has a “full body with sweet malt profile and a slight roast character”. The avg. Beeradvocate rating is 4.05/5 with only four reviews so far and RateBeer has it as a 3.33/5 with six reviews. This was what I expected for a Doppelbock and I’d definitely drink this again.

Alcohol Content:  8.3% ABV
IBU’s:  24
Specialty Malts:  Munich “Type I” 2240 75, Munich “Type II 550 19, Cara-Munich 55 2, Cara-Amber 55 2, Melanoidin 55 2
Hops:  Warrior, Mt. Hood

Next: K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale

According to Flying Dog this “is a dark, sweet and malty ‘Winter Warmer’ that will captivate any adventurous microbrew drinker”. RateBeer gives it a 3.21/5 with 336 ratings and Beeradvocate gives it 3.41/5 with 136 reviews and a score of 80.

This was hands-down (whatever that means) the crowd favorite. I wanted another sip as soon as I put my glass down. We ended up roshamboing for the rest of the bottle (Julie won).

Alcohol content:  6.4% ABV
IBU’s:  30
Specialty Malts:  50/60 Crystal, Chocolate, Oats, Munich Malt
Hops:  Millenium, Saaz

Finally: Wild Dog Barrel-Aged Horn Dog

Again, from the Dog’s mouth: “this is a completely expirmental beer. We took our Horn Dog Barely Wine and aged it in used Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey barrels for 13 months to give us a Barley Wine with a very distinctive flavor.” This was brewed in limited amounts (725 12 oz. bottles) and they can only be purchased at the brewery. RateBeer gives it a 3.75/5 with 15 ratings.

Wow, this is one powerfully flavorful beer. Definitely more like a fine scotch that you sip than a beer you swig. It is sweet like a barley wine but packed with oak flavor. At 10.5% ABV, this is a beer you’ll want to sip and between that and the sweetness, one should be all you need. If you like barley wines and get a chance to pick this up, go for it.

Thanks to Flying Dog Brewery for sending these to us for tasting and for including a nice writeup on them that I could crib from for the descriptions.



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