Guilty Pleasures

I’m not talking about the Quiet Riot album, but beer. What’s the beer you secretly drink but don’t admit to? Are you a self-proclaimed beer snob that always has a stash of PBR in a can in the drawer of your fridge?

Me, I like Miller High Life (and I’m not the only one). That’s right, the “Champagne of Beers”. When faced with the dilema of buying convenience store beer or when I just want something that’s great on a hot day, I reach for the High Life.


I should also mention that if you want a Miller High Life shirt like the one I’m wearing at the top right of every page on Hail the Ale!, you should check out our sponsor, for that and other beer shirts.



2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. We always have Bud Lt. in the fridge. It isn’t even my favorite crappy beer, but it is my husband’s fave, so there it is. Which means that it is easily accessible, and makes an OK summer beverage when it is cold cold cold.

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