Beer Review: Great Lakes Brewing Dortmunder Gold

Although I’m about 50 miles as the crow flies (can’t confirm, haven’t seen any crows) from Cleveland, OH (can I get a shout out from my Rock Creek peeps?!?!) I saw the Great Lakes Brewing sample 12-pack in the local market and picked it up faster than you can say “the nearest Starbucks is *how* far?”.

First up is the Dortmunder Gold. Before cheating and looking at the Great Lakes Brewing site, I had a feeling that this beer got it’s name from a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. How, you ask, was I so prescient? Behold:

Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s Dortmunder Gold

OK, enough blathering Chris, how was the beer? I like it.

OK, you want some details. Here they are from the source:

  • Description: A smooth lager that strikes a delicate balance between sweet malt and dry hop flavors.
  • ABV: 5.8%
  • ABW: 4.3%
  • IBU: 30 shows it in the 88th percentile with a rating: 4.23/5 with 423 ratings. I’d definitely drink this again–and likely will since I have two more in the sample pack. I leave you with a couple more pics:

Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s Dortmunder Gold Great Lakes Brewing Co.'s Dortmunder Gold

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5 thoughts on “Beer Review: Great Lakes Brewing Dortmunder Gold

  1. Good choice, Chris. As a former Clevelander, I know well the GLBC offerings and love most of them. Burning River Pale Ale and Conway’s Irish Ale are my favorites. Though it isn’t distributed where I am now (NC), I buy a case of it whenever I drive back from Ohio.

  2. I had the Burning River last night and it was good. I’ll see if I can pick up the Irish when we’re back to civilization later today 🙂

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Chris, I should have mentioned — the Conway’s Irish is a seasonal, only available Jan.-Mar. The Commodore Perry IPA is a nice IPA, which I believe is a year-round brew now. GLBC’s website describes their brews and, for the seasonals, when they are available. There are several available only in the pub, too — which has very good food as well as very good beer.

  4. I found out about the Conway’s being seasonal last night–oddly enough from the guy working at one of the wineries who is also a certified beer judge.
    We did get the Commodore Perry as well as the Holy Moses White Ale and both were really nice.

  5. Hey Chris,
    I like the Dortmunder Gold also. Just about any beer I’ve had chance to try from Great Lakes Brewing has been enjoyable and well put together. Probably my favorite so far has been the Great Lakes Blackout Stout (an imperial stout). I think it’s only available early spring maybe Feb/March if memory serves. An excellent brewery I hope to have chance to visit someday.

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