Review: BridgePort Haymaker Extra Pale Ale

BridgePort Haymaker Extra Pale Ale BridePort shipped me twelve of these bad boys a few weeks ago with their press release to announce their new Haymaker Extra Pale Ale. This is an american pale ale which uses four types of malt and three varieties of american hops.

I had some help drinking these since a friend stopped by for happy hour with my wife and I the same day these arrived. My favorite beers are typically stouts, porters, and highly-hopped beers. My drinking companions were of the fairer sex (actually they still are) and they usually go for lighter ales and lagers.

All three of us liked the Haymaker. The hops gave this beer a hint of fruity flavor that was a bit bitter like grapefruit and the crisp finish was as BridgePort says, "sunshine in a bottle".

For me, this is a great beer that I think would satisfy a wide range of beer drinkers. It would be perfect for a cookout, beach day, or happy hour. I'd recommend checking this out if you find it in your area.



2 thoughts on “Review: BridgePort Haymaker Extra Pale Ale

  1. I tried this beer as it was recommended by my bartender recently – and I recoiled in horror. From the first second that musty dog/pilsner flavor hit my tongue, I lost my appetite. I typically don’t like these types of beers and this was a lesson reminding me to stick to my gut. I’m pretty sure I can reproduce the taste of this beer with drips from my wet dog, soda water, tonic, and one drop of honey.

    I was able to drink 1/2 a glass and then I switched to a deschutes brew ( which is near blasphemous for me… )

  2. All I can say is ” I hope BridgePort keeps making Haymaker forever!”
    To xndrew; just keep enjoying your lambics and leave the good beer to me.

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