10% Off Beer Shirts and Merchandise at BoozinGear.com

About three weeks ago, we added a new section to the sidebar of this here blog with links to beer shirts and other drinking merchandise from BoozinGear.com. I liked their site when I first wrote about it in late 2005 and it has only gotten better.

Speaking of better, what's better than a discount? Nothing, that's what. So, the guys at BoozinGear.com are giving you 10% off through Father's Day on all their stuff. Use the following coupon code for the discount: father7

I decided to add their links to our sidebar for a couple reasons. First and foremost is that both Kevin and Jeffrey are nice guys and have a nice looking site that sells cool beer stuff, not the same cheesy crap you see at other sites. Secondly, they offered to buy the ad space. That lets me buy some cool beers and share that with you (which I will be doing more of in the coming weeks).

This all reminds me that I need to order my Hamm's shirt



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