Hail the Ale! Tweets With the Twits

I'll admit liking Twitter more than I should. A few weeks ago, I figured I'd add a Twitter account for this blog and post about what I was drinking. Then, I realized just knowing what I'm drinking is pretty boring so I figured some more info would be good. So, that's where I am today and if you add hailthale as a friend in Twitter you'll know way more than you wanted to about what I'm drinking and what I think about it. All in 140 characters or less (unlike this post which I intended to be short).

If anyone has thoughts on what else I could tweet about, let me know in the comments. 

EDIT: I should have also noted that links to all new posts will be posted to Twitter so there's another way to follow along at home (or at work, or on your cell phone, or in the shower). 


2 thoughts on “Hail the Ale! Tweets With the Twits

  1. Twitter seems like its the next big thing, but I am still reluctant to sign up. What makes you like it more than you should? I guess its one more way to syndicate.

  2. @Dave: I have a few friends and acquantances on it that I keep track of and found that I actually enjoy their updates. I think it helps that they don’t update when their cat smiles or they take a dump so that helps 🙂

    For this blog, I’m not sure that it adds much more value than the syndication aspect but maybe someone will see one of the beers I tweet about and try it themselves.

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