A-B's herestobeer.com Relaunched

herestobeer.com launched last year (with a Super Bowl ad, natch) and was A-B's attempt at promoting beer in a more positive light than boobs and butts. I was a bit cynical (OK, more like an a-hole) at the time.

Now, the site has been relaunched today with a new focus. According to an email from their PR firm about the new site:

It's going to become much more of an e-zine that will be updated monthly with a lot of brand new video content, entertainment information, and a monthly feature with Dave Lieberman from the Food Network.

[side note: This was the best email I've received from a PR person since I started this site. It had all the right stuff: personalized, good info without exclamation points and sensationalism, request for feedback, etc.]

Like most beer sites, it is Flash-heavy but happily that goes away after the age verification and front page. I like the videos especially the "Who Would You Have a Beer With" series. The "Barley to Bar" section is a cool way to introduce people to the brewing process with fun videos and only a bit of boobs and butts (just the right amount if you ask me).But enough about what I think, what do you think?



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