What Are You Drinking for Valentine's Day

I don't care what you're *doing*, but what you're *drinking* does interest me. Are you going with beer? Wine? Liquor? Kool-Aid? Are you drinking something special w/that special someone or just telling them to grab a sixer on their way home? Did you base your dinner reservation on which place has the best beer selection?

Leave a note in the comments. I need to find something that goes good w/Chinese take-out…

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6 thoughts on “What Are You Drinking for Valentine's Day

  1. We are drinking Scaldi’s Brut Prestige at Aroma Thyme Bistro tonight. I have been waiting to drink this bottle for about a year. Can anyone comment on this pricey beer. We will start with the Pomme Lambic and finish with an past vintage of Brooklyn Monster Ale. Check out their web site and some 100 odd beers at http://www.aromathymebistro.com.

  2. On Valentine’s Day I went to The Big C, my favorite local liquor store that stocks 450+ beers and picked up my Dogfish Head top 3: Raison d’Etre, IMMORTale, and the mother of all, the 120 Minute IPA…. ::Homer Simpson Sounds::

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