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The following is a paid review. I do this periodically for beer money. If this isn't your thing, please stop reading this article but please continue reading the rest of the site 🙂 has a recipes section they've asked me to review. At first, I was going to turn this down since I didn't think it would be of interest to my readers. However, after looking at my stats and checking out their recipes, I think it will. Especially over the holidays searches for beer recipes have been very popular for traffic to Hail the Ale! Also,'s recipes include a beverages section which has approximately 20 recipes using beer. Note that the beer category is really a keyword search so not all listings have beer in them since some recipes suggest it would be good with beer.

I checked out a few of the beer recipes and some of the other recipes and found they are all formatted the same with information on prep time, cooking time, total time, and servings. Each recipe also has the standard ingredients and instructions as well as a rating. I like the prep and cooking time since that is usually what I'm most concerned about when I'm planning a meal. The formatting on the instructions could be polished up to be a bit easier to read and make it easy to scan back to the step you were on when you're preparing the meal.

Like most recipe sites, you can email, print, and save a recipe. One nice feature that I haven't seen on other sites is the ability to "edit" a recipe. At first, I thought this was a wiki-like feature but it turns out it is a way for you to customize a recipe. I can see this being useful for those times when you end up changing something after trying a recipe so you don't have to rely on your notes on a printed copy. You an also assign tags to recipes to make them easier to find later on. For example, I could tag all recipes I like that have cheddar cheese with a "cheddar" tag. This could be handy when you are trying to figure out what to cook with the ingredients in you fridge or cabinet.

To use most of the features above, you'll need to create an account. This was easy and during the process it is apparent that the recipe part of the site is to get you interested in using to find out about becoming a chef. Apparent, but not annoying. The only qualms I have with the signup process is the confirmation email's test part is still HTML format and the activation link automatically logs you in. 

I think the editing and tagging features are enough to make me try out this site in the future. Now that my wife has decided to go vegetarian, I'll be needing to search for more recipes to add to my arsenal. 


  • Nice layout and easy to use
  • Recipe editing
  • Recipe tagging 


  • Account activation email text part in HTML format
  • Activation link automatically logs you in 

4 thoughts on “Review: Recipes

  1. I’ve noticed that. I’m sure there’s crossover in readership and although getting a few different opinions is good, I’m still weighing this against just putting out a review if too many other beer blogs are doing the same one. I actually turned one down yesterday due to that and also since I’d have to post it at the latest four days after this review, it was too soon.

  2. The problem of too many is definitely a key one as I do not want to come across as being for hire. Yet I have promised myself that beer will pay for itself and this is ready cash. I am reviewing this one now and I am trying to focus on different points than you do and then cross-reference. I do think they are getting good value for their money but at the end of the day will it have the sort of carry over the website owners might want?

  3. I think the value of the links is probably going to be what most sites are after. For the price they are paying for a review (for once, I don’t come cheap 🙂 ), there would either need to be a high conversion rate or the profit per customer would be high.

    Then again, you never know when a mention on a blog reaches the right person and you get even more links/publicity basically for free. Not a business model I’d want to use, but it is nice when it happens.

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