New Year's Hangover Tips

[This is a repost of last year's tips. Not only am  I lazy, but this still applies. Have a Happy New Year! – Chris 12/30/06]Hangover

Since everyone else is posting them, I figured I'd give it a go too. So, without further ado (whatever that is), here are Chris' tips for preventing hangovers:

Drink in moderation and pace yourself. Duh!, you say? Well, New Year's parties are all about moderation and pacing. Find a pace that you can handle and also a max. number of drinks and stick with it. If you reach your max. before the end of the party, stop drinking or face the consequences.

Rehydrate. In other words, drink water. Drink one glass/bottle of water for each alcohol drink you drink.

Avoid drinks that normally give you a hangover. This sounds like common sense but party goers tend to get out of their normal drinking habits and drink things they normally don't. If you know red wine gives you a headache, don't drink it. If you know that Jaeger bombs make you feel like someone removed your brain with a melon baller and put it back in through your nose, then don't drink them.

Take your favorite pre-bedtime hangover prevention. If you think that two vitamin C tablets or a glass of goat urine help you to feel better in the morning then do it. It may be physiological, it may be psychological but either way if it is something you have tried that works, go for it.

Party like it's 2005 2006!


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