A Tip for PR People Pitching Beer Blogs

I certainly don't speak for my fellow beer bloggers, but I have a feeling some of them probably feel the same way about getting press releases. If you are pitching me and want a writeup here, feel free to make your first paragraph tell me why this is something my readers may be interested in.

I know it is easy for PR firms to just add beer bloggers to their mailing list for press releases but keep in mind we aren't traditional media. Heck, even traditional media (whatever that is any more) probably doesn't like reading twenty tedious paragraphs of overly copy-written text to figure out what the release is about and how it applies to them. I'm not asking for a completely custom intro but how about a standard intro for bloggers that helps us figure out why this is interesting?

I like helping out brewers, vendors, etc. that have something of interest to the beer community and want to get the word out but since this is a hobby I don't have too much time to read a long email or open four attachments to figure out the who/what/where/why/when and how it applies to my little beer blog.

Sorry for the noise, rant over.



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