Orlando Brewing's Tap Room

Let me just cut to the chase here in case you have something better to do like drink a beer: this is now my most favoritest bar in town. Bar none (get it?). I'm so happy to have a real brewery in town.

Getting There 

Web site: orlandobrewing.com

1301 Atlanta Avenue
Orlando, Florida 32806

The brewery & Tap Room are open daily:
Sunday – Thursday, 12:00 Noon to 9:00PM
Friday & Saturday, 12:00 Noon to Late

The brewery is in the industrial park area near the Amtrak station downtown, only a couple minutes away from downtown or Thornton Park.

Being There 

The Tap Room is basically the front half of the Orlando Brewing brewery that has been converted into a bar. Julie and I met Kirby and Bev for dinner and then met up with Adam and Tracy at the Tap Room for a few beers. When we pulled up, the most friendly police officer working security I've ever seen pointed us to the parking lot next to the brewery for parking. We also noticed quite a crowd outside which we attributed to the band–Kid Ridlyn–playing in the parking lot.

Kid Ridlyn

We wandered inside to the main bar area. Tracy and Adam had scored us a table so we joined them and proceeded to peruse the beer list. They have a nice mix of their own beers as well as others. Here are their beers:

and here are the others:

  • Sierra Nevada Celebration
  • Abita Turbodog Ale
  • Abita Amber Ale
  • Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen
  • Harpoon IPA
  • Anchor Steam
  • Anchor Liberty Ale
  • Belhaven Scottish Ale
  • Chimay Triple
  • Lindemans Framboise
  • Paulaner Hefeweizen
  • Paulaner Lager
  • Youngs Oatmeal Stout

No matter what your taste in beer, they have you covered. Since I'm a sucker for porters, I had the Blackwater Porter. It wasn't as strong as I was expecting but it was very good and very drinkable. So drinkable I managed to have a couple more without a problem. Our server was very helpful and she brought us samples to taste to help us decide. I tasted both the Blonde Ale and the Pale Ale. Both were very good but I was sold on the porter.

The bar area has a couple tables that were from a Hops that went out of business and, of course, a bar. Around the corner is another room with dart boards.

The Bar 

Bar Area 

Each table has a deck of cards to help you pass time while you decide on your beer selection.

Up and Down the River?

Due to the band playing which brought in a bigger crowd than normal, they weren't doing brewery tours like they normally do. I'll be going back to do this soon. On our way out we listened to the band for a few minutes. They were a classic rock/hard rock/metal cover band and sounded good.

Even though it is a bit off the beaten path, it is well worth taking the time to get directions and go there. I'll be going back soon. If you're in Orlando and want a really cool place to taste some good beers be sure to check it out. Maybe I can talk them into posting here every once in a while or doing a podcast…



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