Jay-Z to Push Bud Select

So, what do you do when you have your own record label, are CEO of rap's biggest label, dated Beyoncé, and are semi-retired so you have some time to kill? Well, if you're Jay-Z you become Co-Brand Director of Budweiser Select. According to the press release:

Jay-Z "will participate in Budweiser Select planning sessions to provide his unique spin, thoughts and insights on various brand programs" as well as "be involved in providing direction on other upcoming Budweiser Select television ads, radio spots, print campaigns and several high-profile events."

Looks like you can count on seeing Bud Select product placement in Jay-Z's videos. Hopefully they won't try to rap about Bud Select and try to gain brand recognition like Courvoisier and Cristal. There's nothing at all sexy, cool, phat, whatever about Bud Select. I'm not saying it is a bad beer–its actually better than I thought it would be–it just isn't cool. If you want to rap about a beer and make it cool how about something fun like Porkslap or Hop Whore? Or, pick a beer that already is cool and has some cachet like Guinness? What beer do you think should should be the rapper's beer of choice?

Link via: Adrants 



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