New Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen Packaging

I finally tracked down the package containing the promo for the new Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen packaging. They sent six bottles of beer, two tall pilsner glasses, a lemon, and a card to show how to pour the Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen. Also tucked in there was the new six pack holder.

Widmer Brother Hefeweizen Promo Pack

One of the first details I noticed on the bottles was the logo that is just under the neck. This repeats for a total of three and gives the bottle a very nice shape:

  Widmer Brothers Bottle Logo

The six pack container art has been updated. It looks similar to the current artwork but has a much more complete look to it. Even the bottom of the container is well-done: 

Widmer Brothers 6 Pack Bottom

I liked the treatment on the UPC code where they extended it into wheat:

Widmer Brothers UPC Code Wheat

My attempts at getting good photos of the rest of the packaging failed but you can see the new look at the Widmer Brothers site.

I'll have a review of the brew once I drink the last beer 🙂 



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