Everyone Loves Pumpkin Beers

From your comments and an informal survey I took of my fellow tailgaters on Friday night at the pathetic excuse for football that was the UCF game, everyone likes pumpkin ales. Except me. Someone gave me a Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale and I actually liked it but that was because it didn't taste like pumpkin spice. Coors says it has pumpkin spices but neither I nor anyone else that had one thought so.

For those of you that likey the pumpkin, check out BeerAdvocate's list of over 100 pumpkin ales



One thought on “Everyone Loves Pumpkin Beers

  1. Alot of folks don’t take a real liking to the pumpkin beers. Then again, alot of breweries and microbreweries alike don’t really know how to produce and present a great pumpkin ale. Too many spices? Not enough? Nutmeg everywhere? Pumpkin pulp? What does the microbrew community need to have in a pumpkin ale to find it tasty appealing and one they look forward to drinking every autumn? I don’t know the answer and have had multiple pumkin ales I’ve hated.

    One that I love though is Dogfish Head’s “Punk Ale”. I stock up in the fall on this true treat. It’s “autumn in a bottle” in my book. I did a quick review on my blog Microbrew Review

    If you try it this fall, let me know what you think!

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