Keystone Beer Promo: Lame and Annoying

Days That End in Y pointed out a promo Keystone is running where you can get a collectible, empty can of Keystone. Intrigued, I figured I'd give it a shot. That's when the annoyance started.

First, there's the stupid age verification which is stupid enough but they super-stupidified it by adding an option to choose your state. I guess a simple dropdown (or HTML for that matter) wouldn't do so the list of states is in a grid and you select the one you want. My guess is that KS and KY gets a lot of clicks since they appear under your mouse after clicking on the button to bring up the list. Porcine avionics are more likely than the likelihood of a Flash developer making the Enter key work to submit a form, so you'll need to click on the Submit button.

After that you have to click on another button to get to the contest which is actually the button to go to a game. I'm sure someone at Keystone was drunk and thought to themselves that it would be a good idea to ask for the age verification again (this time without your state) before going to the game info. After passing that hurdle for the second time you now have to click another button to get to the promo part where you tell them where you live and verify your frigging age again!!!

All this for a can? No wonder it will be a collectible. Only five people will go through the hassle and you can probably figure out who they are by looking for top sellers of collectible crap on eBay (no offense to either the collectors or collectees of such crap). 


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