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Edit: If you work for a competing service, feel free to leave a comment about your service but make sure you leave either an email address or URL tying you to the service or, if not, just come out and say it. Oh, and posting a comment from an IP that has rDNS that is your service's mail server doesn't count if you don't do the above. Also, feel free to note that I don't have this in the sidebar any more. I guess this means the voice comment market is competitive… 

Check out the right side of Hail the Ale! and you'll see this (if you have Flash):

evoca voice comment

If your computer has a mic, you can click on the REC button and leave a voice comment. How cool is that? Actually, I don't know the answer myself since I haven't tried it. So…get to it and leave your voice comments.

What should you say? Anything you want, really. Maybe you're drinking a beer you like and want to talk about it. Maybe you just want to tell us how super awesome good we are. Maybe you just want to make fart noises. I don't care, just use it so we can test this out.

If you have any problems with this, leave a regular, boring text comment below. 


One thought on “Leave a Voice Comment

  1. YOu should try the snapvine voice comments, people call in by phonme so anybody can do it, not just users with a mic. It is really polular too and has a large user base…

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