Beer Brewed from Water in Greenland's Ice Caps

IcecapbeerSo, you find yourself sitting there scratching your head (or stroking your goatee/beard/soul patch/overly-long nose hair) and wondering what the latest gimmick in beer marketing will be. Well, my hirsute friends your search is over because there is a brewery in Greenland using water from the polar ice caps to brew beer.

The brewers claim that the water is at least 2,000 years old and free of minerals and pollutants.

OK, sounds good so far.

It is claimed that the Greenland beer, officially launched in Copenhagen on Monday, has a softer, cleaner taste than other beers, because of the ice cap water.

Hmm, this set off my marketing BS detector (got it cheap on eBay). However, if I happen across one of these I'll be sure to try it and report back on if global warming is actually helping the taste of beer.

Link via: BoingBoing


One thought on “Beer Brewed from Water in Greenland's Ice Caps

  1. I read about the beer brewed from Greenland's Ice Caps …… sounds like a nice idea but I think a nice gritty water would producer a bolder beer 😉

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