Floyd Landis: Powered by Beer?

If you paid any attention to the Tour de France, you know that in Stage 16 Floyd Landis fell apart and lost almost 8 minutes and pretty much dashed his hopes of winning or even placing in the top three in Le Tour. According to Velonews, at a press conference after this stage:

[…] the former race leader was asked, “How do you deal with this from a mental standpoint?”

His reply: “I don't know. Drink some beer? That's what I'm thinking about now.”

Well, the beer must have helped because the next day he won the stage and managed to make up all but about thirty seconds of the time he lost the day before in what is being called one of the greatest moments in cycling. At that day's press conference:

Asked why he kept calling for water, more water, alternately drinking it and pouring it over his head, Landis quipped: “It was very hot. Maybe that was the explanation, or maybe it was the beer I had last night.”

Velonews wants to know what kind of beer it was and so do we. Hopefully, someone will get to the bottom of this. Personally, I like to have a nice Guinness or Anchor Porter the night before my rides but I'm not anywhere near the league of the pros.

Link via: TdFblog


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