World Cup Beer Match for June 16

Matches for Friday, June 16:

Serbia and Montenegro vs Argentina

This round, Montenegro is fronting Nikši?ko Pivo while Argentina goes with Otro Mundo Strong Red Ale due to the mundo tie-in.

Winner: Argentina. Like they are from another world.

Ivory Coast vs Netherlands

When you think Ivory Coast and beer, you think Mamba since it appears to be their only beer.

For Netherlands, we're choosing La Trappe Dubbel. The Quadrupel held up last round and our 1st grade math skilz tell us dubbel is more better than quadrupel–we think…

Winner: Netherlands. Still not sure what an Ivory Coast is (hopefully nothing like a rusty trombone).

Angola vs Mexico

This paragraph is brought to you by the keyboard shortucts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Looks like Angola has Nova Cuca. That's all we have to say about that.

Mexico is all about Dos Equis XX Amber this round. Just the name alone instills fear in the opposing team. Also, not a bad beer and if you can't find this near you I will have to assume you live in a hole. A hole that is nowhere near anywhere.

Winner: Mexico. Si, es verdad.


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