World Cup Beer Match for June 15

Matches for Thursday, June 15:

Costa Rica vs Ecuador

Pilsen is our choice for Costa this round. Probably an average beer by most standards but it doesn't pretend to be anything more. Easy to find everywhere in Costa Rica, this is another beer that works well in the Central American heat.

Pitting pilsner against pilsner, Cervezas Nacionales Pilsener is representin' Ecuador.

Winner: Costa Rica. Just becuase we picked Ecuador already.

Trinidad and Tobago vs England

Since we passed on it last round, Carib Lager is our choice for TnT (dynamite). This is another beer that is pretty easy to find here in the States.

Did we mention England has more beers than you can shake a crumpet at? Well, we should have. This round brings us Fullers London Porter. I personally like all the Fullers I've had and I loves me some porters.

Winner: England. Because it makes us think of Monty Python.

Paraguay vs Sweden

Baviera makes an appearance for Paraguay. Their lineup is a bit thin.

When you think of Sweden, you probably don't think of beer. Unless you are thinking of the Swedish Bikini Team. But you shouldn't because it isn't real, while Nils Oscar Imperial Stout is.

Winner: Sweden. We like guys named Nils.


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