World Cup Beer Match for June 14

So far, our prognostication is about the same as flipping a coin. We've called seven games correctly, seven no so correctly, and two were a draw. Since we didn't know you could have a draw, we're not sure what to do about this or what it means. So, we'll just ignore it.

Matches for Wednesday, June 14:

Ukraine vs Spain

OK, so we were late on this one and this game has already transpired. So, we're going to make this short and a sure thing and say:

Winner: Spain

Saudi Arabia vs Tunisia

Tunisia wins this match by default since the Saudi's don't have beer according to my research staff. Knowing this, Tunisia pulled Celtia off the bench.

Winner: Tunisia

Poland vs Germany

For Poland's last match we went with Okocim Porter. This time, we're giving it up for Okocim Palone, mainly because of the cool label but also due to good reviews.

Our German choice last time was Spaten Optimator. Today, Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier is the beer to beat. This is a great wheat beer and easy to find in the bottle just about anywhere and on draft in your finer bars/pubs/rich friend's grotto.

Winner: Germany. Home team advantage and a monk.


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