World Cup Beer Match for June 13

Matches for Tuesday, June 13

South Korea vs Togo

Hite Beer is our choice here for South Korea. Not because it is good, but because it is so averagely poor. Hey, this is our game so we can make the rules as we go along.

Along the same line of reasoning, our pick for Togo is Flag Spéciale. It seems there is nothing special about this beer.

Winner: Togo. Easier to type.

France vs Switzerland

France has more beers than you can shake a cheese stick at and many of them get high marks. The choice came down to the name and that means Bière des Sans Culottes takes the cordon bleu.

You'd think we'd pick Samichlaus here but since it hasn't been brewed for many years, we won't. The geek in me wants to go with sTunnel (if you get this, you are a geek–just don't tell anyone). Alas, we are picking Brasserie de Fribourg Old Cat because the idea of cats (especially geriatric cats) and soccer make us laugh.

Winner: Switzerland. Still laughing about the cat.

Brazil vs Croatia

Xingu is our Brazilian beer choice. This is a great beer and should be easy to find locally.

Croatia, let's see… Oh, there it is. Tomislav Pivo gets our vote due to it being the strongest beer in Croatia. I'm guessing that is a good thing if you are in Croatia.

Winner: Brazil. I think it is about time they were taken seriously in this sport.


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