World Cup Beer Match for June 11

As part of our ongoing feature of beers from World Cup teams playing the next day (confused yet?), we bring you…

Matches for Saturday, June 11

Serbia-Montenegro vs Netherlands

This is a tough match since their flags look so similar. Serbia has a surprising number of beers. We're picking Jagodinska Black Beer since it was highly rated and we love dark beers.

Netherlands, eh? How about La Trappe Quadrupel? Should be somewhat easy to find here in the states and you have to love a beer described as: “Highly gaseous and smooth alcohol warmth.”

Winner: Serbia-Montenegro. The hyphen gave them the advantage early in the first period and they were able to capitalize on it later in the game to edge out the Netherlands.

Mexico vs Iran

For Mexico, we have to go with Negra Modelo. Just look at that cool bottle and the gold foil. It has World Cup written all over it (not literally since that would mean paying many billions of pesos to FIFA).

In the five seconds we spent researching Iranian beer, we only came across Golden Delster and it's non-alcoholic sibling. Easy choice on that one.

Winner: Iran. Underdogs rule.

Angola vs Portugal

Looks like Angola has Nova Cuca. That's all we have to say about that.

Portugal is like Spain except they speak funny Spanish and hate when you think they are Spanish. I just made this up. I have no idea if it is true but I love international controversy so I'm sticking with it. Luckily, they know how to name a beer and Cerveja Super Bock Tango is no exception. That's a power name. Like Max Power but for beer.

Winner: Portugal. Super.


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