World Cup Beer Match for June 9

In what I hope will be a regular feature during the World Cup, we'll be highlighting a beer from each team's country. Since I'm lazy, I'll be relying on for ratings and information. Thanks to my good friend Jason for the idea for this. If this sucks, you can blame him.

Matches for Friday, June 9:

Germany vs Costa Rica

Germany is a tough one since they have quite a few fine beers. We're going with Spaten Optimator since it is a good beer, rated fairly high at ratebeer and is something you should be able to find locally in most places.

Costa Rica isn't known for their beer and exports are sometimes hard to find. Imperial is my personal favorite since it is easy to find anywhere in Costa and sometimes locally. Don't expect anything spectacular out of this beer. Like many tropical-climate beers, it tastes great in oppressive heat on the beach and makes drinking a bucket-full easy.

Winner: Germany

Poland vs Ecuador

What can we say about Polish beer? Okocim. That's what comes to mind. Try the porter if you can find it. And please refrain from the polack jokes.

Ecuador has beer? News to us. Going purely on ratebeer's ratings, we're choosing Dorada for the big game.

Winner: Ecuador (if you don't know anything about soccer, go with the team closest to the equator with bonus points for being named after it)


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