Bud Light's here4BL.com: Worst. Contest. Site. Ever.

So, I'm reading Adrants (as I'm prone to do ) and I see that Bud Light has a new web site to correspond to their “I'm Just Here for the Bud Light” campaign. Grand prize is a week trip to Hawaii and fourteen other winners (?) get a year's worth of Bud Light. The idea is you take a pic of you holding a poster telling the world you are there for the Bud Light.

So, like a good little consumer I go to the site. Not only is it pretty lame but where the hell does it tell you that it is a contest site? Not on the home page (after the obligatory age “verification”. Oh, there it is, tucked two idiotically-named clicks away.

AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! I should know better by now than to expect good beer sites, especially from A-B. When one does come along–like the Mickey's site–it really stands out. Call this a beer rant.


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