Fun With Google Trends: Heineken

Hey, there goes the band wagon…let's jump on! Below is a graph courtesy of Google Trends that shows search and news volume for “heineken” and “heineken light” as search terms from 2004 to present (click for the results page and a larger view):


Heineken's search volume was pretty steady. I'm guessing here since there is no y-axis scale so that could be a variation of 5 searches or 5 million for each unit. Just recently, searches for “heineken light” started taking off. Here's a different view of only this year:


About mid-February of this year, the term started to pick up steam, spiked a bit, and then saw a decline over the past few months. This corresponds pretty nicely to the product launch for Heineken Light.

That concludes today's Fun With Google Trends. Why? Because we could, that's why.


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