Cinco de Mayo Beer Guide

UPDATED – 5/2/06: If there's anything we like more than beer, it is not doing any more work than we have to. So, I bring you last year's Cinco de Mayo Beer Guide republished with this year's date!

  • Negra Modelo – This is a nice dark lager with a malty flavor. Most people I’ve surveyed seem to prefer this alone since it has more flavor than most Mexican beers. However, if you like darker beers I think this goes great with any Mexican dish con carne. The only thing I don’t like about this and the Modelo Especial is the foil that you have to peel away from the mouth of the bottle if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a glass.
  • Modelo Especial – Especial is your traditional Mexican pilsner. If you are looking for something a little lighter or to pair with food, give this a try.
  • Pacifico Clara – Another pilsner from Grupo Modelo. This is my personal favorite of their line. It is nice and smooth and tastes great with a lime. Something else to like about this beer which may seem a little odd is that the mouth of the bottle (at least the 12 oz. bottles here in the US) where the cap holds on to is perfectly smooth, not ridged like most bottles.
  • Dos Eqius and Dos Equis Amber – What can I say, Dos Equis is a good lager and the Amber is a good amber. I personally lean toward the Amber myself.


  • Bohemia – Another good lager. Slightly hoppy. More of that damn foil.


I’m sure some of you are asking where Corona and Tecate are on the list? That would be like asking why PBR and Natural Light didn’t make the list of recommended American beers. Don’t waste your time with these beers.


2 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo Beer Guide

  1. Yeah, the foil might mess with your teeth, but plenty but every bottle of champagne I've ever bought comes in the same package. Regardless, nothing goes better with my quesadillas and refried beans than an ice cold Bohemia.

  2. You shouldn't knock PBR unless you dismiss all light american lagers. It may be cheaper than Bud and Miller but it's just as tasty. Yes, I said tasty.

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