Bergkirchweih, Germany's Second Largest Beer Fest June 1-12, 2006

You've heard of Oktoberfest but how about Bergkirchweih, also called Berg? I hadn't either.

For 12 days every spring, the inhabitants of Erlangen, a university town near Nuremberg, forget their daily routines and devote themselves to the serious business of drinking beer – and lots of it.

The Berg, as it is commonly called, has been held every year since 1755 and is Germany's second-largest beer-fest after Oktoberfest, its more famous Munich counterpart. Although the Berg typically attracts more than a million visitors, far fewer foreign tourists come to the Erlangen festival than to the Munich event, which means there is much more here in the way of local ambiance. This year's Berg takes place June 1-12, but when the festival finishes, the beer cellars and rides remain open all summer.

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Link via: Insider


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