UNLV Beer and Wine Trip

Why didn't they have things like this when I was in college:

Join brew master, wine maker and UNLV Hotel College Food and Beverage instructor Jon Griffin on a guided tour of the region over an extended August weekend.

In the morning we'll enjoy a full buffet breakfast before departing for visits to two wineries for tours and tastings and stop for lunch at a microbrewery that will include samples of six microbrews.

After freshening up at the hotel, it's off to Moxee Hop Festival – Central Washington's annual celebration held prior to the harvest of towering vines of these pungent blossoms that flavor beers of America and the world. Arts and crafts vendors are part of the experience. However, as the impending hop harvest is a dawn-to-dusk, month-long marathon of hard, dusty work, the order of the evening for locals and visitors alike is always rock and roll, fun, food and of course, beer!

From the description I wasn't sure if this was open to the public or just UNLV students so I asked to Dick Benoit who sent me the link and he said:

It is an Educational Outreach (continuing education) trip open to the public. As a point of interest, though, Jon Griffin, the trip leader, teaches credit beer and wine classes in the Food & Beverage Department of UNLV's William F. Harrah College of Hotel Management.

This is a great idea for a trip and it is cool to see that they have beer and wine classes that you can get credit for instead of the extracurricular beer and wine “classes” I took in college.

Go Rebels!


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