Beer Advocate Launching Magazine

I'll admit that I don't frequent Beer Advocate as much as I should. They have great articles and are one of the best sources for ratings and reviews of beers. Now they are launching the Beer Advocate Magazine. From the press release:

With a style similar to magazines dedicated to aficionados of wine, food, and cigars, BeerAdvocate Magazine, will be both a classy and loud voice for beer and the lifestyle that's surrounds it. The monthly aims to introduce its better beer advocacy to those beer drinkers who've yet to experience what craft beer has to offer.

“It's high time we wake people up, get them thinking about beer in new ways, and give beer its due respect!” proclaimed co-founders, and brothers, Jason and Todd Alström.

The magazine is expected to debut in late fall 2006. “We're currently in negotiations with major publishers to provide a partnership through distribution, both internationally and for retail outlets. We've also begun building our editorial team, receiving loads of interest from writers, designers and photographers throughout the world. The talent and passion that these people bring to the magazine is simply awesome, and refreshing,” added Todd Alström.

Until July 1, 2006, beer lovers can become “Founding Subscribers” which entitles them to the Fall 2006 Inaugural Issue, an Official BeerAdvocate 2007 Calendar, a 12-month subscription starting in 2007, and a locked annual subscription rate of $19.95 per year, for life. Founding Subscribers are already in the thousands.

Go here to subscribe.


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