Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

Lienie's has a new beer: Sunset Wheat. Here's the vitals:

LeinenkugelsunsetwheatAvailability: Year–round

Malts: Wheat and Pale

Hops: Cluster

Alcohol content: 4.9% by volume

Calories/12–oz.: 165

Carb. grams/12–oz. 16

Serving temperature: Well-chilled at 40°

Has anyone tried this yet? It is hard to find Leinie's in Orlando.


9 thoughts on “Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat

  1. Tried it while visiting the brewery – tastes like blueberries with a touch of citrus. I rather liked it, but my boyfriend feels it won't be a guys beer, but a womans.

  2. I'm a manly man and I really like the sunset wheat. I wonder is it isn't meant to be similar to Blue Moon.

  3. I don't like it. It takes like rotting oranges. It would've been good to put on the label that it's oranged flavored, as most wheats are not. Yuck. Didn't even finish one bottle, and I really love wheat beer.

  4. Sunset Wheat is a beer for all people and all seasons. In my 39 year beer history, I honestly rank Sunset Wheat my personal favorite. There seems to be a running debate among my beer friends whether to serve it with a slice of orange, or lemon. It's orange every time.

  5. Good stuff.

    Nose – coriander, citrus, wheat
    Taste – blueberry, wheat, corriander, mild hops, mild bitterness (which doesn’t quite balance the sweetness)
    Mouthfeel – Full, inviting, well-carbonated
    Appearance – Light gold, mild lacing, short-lived one-finger head
    Drinkability – Excellent. One could sip these all night.

    I, too am a very masculine guy, and I love this stuff. It is a great Witbier, a style which I actually prefer in winter to summer, but it is good year-round.

  6. Sunset wheat is my new favorite beer. It is smother and has a great mix of flavors. Fruity, citrus gtaste is amazing. Unlike Bluemoon, you do not need the orange slice in sunset to bring out the multitude of flavors and aroma. I hope they keep making it. I was worried it was just a summer brew.

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